Writing for me is like breathing. It really is. It’s kept me alive, it saved my life. I’m blessed to have amazing friends and a great support system, but there is something I get from writing that there’s not a single human being that could ever give that to me.

Nomxolisi Ndlangana, commonly known as Nono The Poet, is a native of South Africa; she moved to New York for education, its cultural variety and artistic inclination. She received her BA in Media Studies at Hunter college. Nono formally began her career as a performer in New York in 2011 as a spoken word artist hitting low key stages in Harlem to slamming at the internationally acclaimed Nuyorican Poets Cafe. 

Nono has developed her artistry throughout the years, fusing her poetry with instrumentals and vocals, taking inspiration from blues, jazz and neo-soul which led to her first project, an EP titled Wet Paint. Her lyrics are simple projections of her social interests with a strong poetic tone. Soul Vagina is her debut poetry compilation. She still lives in New York, and splits her time between her book writing and performing.