Nomxolisi Ndlangana
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Soul Vagina: In Between Sex and God, Who Am I? (Special Edition Paperback)
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  • ISBN-13: 978-0999089798

Soul Vagina is a debut collection from the fearless South African poet Nomxolisi Ndlangana who takes the reader on a woman's pilgrimage to the core of self identity. The work speaks of a love of self and the love of another as the author masterfully synthesizes the nuances and complexities of a five-year relationship into a single poem.


Soul Vagina is a daring exploration of sexual freedom that transports the reader to a realm of physical and emotional duality through a journey of love. Each poem, imaginatively encapsulates elements of beauty, struggle, and revelations. And with each step, the collection reveals a deeper surprise while redefining sex along the way. 

What Makes This Edition Special: 10 pages of personal quotes printed in full color. Not available anywhere but here.

Reader Reviews:

“Love it! ❤️ It’s an enticing sensual journey.” - BHSmith

“Dope read of poems.
I enjoyed the mix of emotion expressed with poise and sensuality. Tales of a women seeking herself and enjoying her time in finding the connection between her and her lover.
With in every poem I found myself or someone I knew.
I took pleasure in experiences of spiritual connections that we all have. “ - Beth

“This is a powerful table read that everyone should pick up amd share with their friends and family. The poems bring the meaning of a strong woman to the next level. One of the most cool, inspiring books I have to date!” - Eric Rodriguez

“This book is AMAZING!, NONO has elegantly and powerfully created her platform to discuss social qualms, as well as reach not only women but men too. She will awaken and broaden anyone’s mind and curiosity, as well as empower any reader.” - Amazon Customer

“So glad I read this book. It is for men and women! The connections made in this book from sex to self worth to strength to exchange of energies and empowerment makes you feel. Like, really feel.” - Amazon Customer

“Erotic, sensual, emotional, kinky, loving, self empowering, amazing, and titillating account of discovery that everyone will love. A must read for teenagers through seniors. An up and coming poets first forray into the mainstream. Love, love, love!” - Jesus M. Guerrios

“SOUL AWAKENING!!!! Ladies you need her book in your lives, fellas you want your lady to feel every word that comes from it. The book does not disappoint, every page brings life to your body.” - Binta

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"Life will do this thing, this crippling, debilitating thing where it tosses you around rag doll style until you are convinced that love has no room for you. Then one day, ever so suddenly something happens and it occurs to you so sweetly that it just may be that you were wrong."