Because of Michael in Ferguson

And they say we are free… 
Freedom is the color coloring our streets like candy sweets,
don’t mistake the face on the highest government seat
As a grand feat
Declaring equality and peace,
It’s a chess piece used to appease,
So please, 
Listen to poetry where truth is still fearless,
And understand the struggle is an ongoing duress
That will not be repressed
By lies and deflection,
It becomes an infection
When they say we are free
And we believe
Even as we scatter these roads with young corpses
Covered in arab robes
And colored hoodies;
My african booty
Wont allow my universal mind to hate my outside to inside,
That’s not how I die.
They’ll find me raising fists
On sold out stages,
Reminding faces of all ages,
Who we are.
By far,
I can say at the very least,
A damn star. 

Michael Kelly