For My Angry Brother

I worry about you young man,
My spirit is restless from the indignation you own with such pride
As if it is the greatest prize
Known to mankind
To be an ostentatious personification of unkindness,
Your heart is black from the coals your forefathers dug
And your insistence to settle into a slit
They say is fit for black kings,
Troubles the waters of my soul; 
I cannot watch you wake up a violent, angry man sewing a self-fulfilling prophecy
Of women are bitches
And im just about me, my mama and these riches,
Add misdirected
And slave-mentality affected,
And of course sadness infected,
I understand that.
Half your actions have traction
From the ancestral struggle section,
But I won’t leave you alone.
I am going to love you so hard,
The very thought of my face
Will suffocate your vile.
This monster in you
Will die.
You are my brother
And I dont need to be your birth mother
To be your lover.
‘Till I cease to breathe
I will write for you,
I will bleed my love out on notepads
And mac airs’ 
For my angry brother
Who is black from a history of unfair crap,
I will persist in my endeavor to disintegrate that face of pain
You mask with anger
And rolled fists.
I dont like you like this
No one does,
So for the love of your happiness,
Quit your shit,
Put on a nice shirt,
And change your mind.
And As time comes around,
Watch how things turn around
Because you freed your mind from being bound;
You are a brother,
Not my angry type a brother
But just another
Source of soul provider,
A Keeper,
Protecter o’ a sister,
I fluff my my chest out for ya,
Im happier when you are no less than that type o’ a brother.
We love ya.


Start looking like one.

Michael Kelly